The Ultimate Florida Moving Guide

Currently planning a move to or within Florida? If you’re relocating to the Sunshine State, congratulations – Florida has plenty of wonderful qualities to offer to its residents, and there’s constantly something new to discover here.

However, moving can be a difficult and stressful task, no matter how many times you’ve relocated. To combat any stress you may be feeling about your upcoming move, we’ve compiled the ultimate Florida moving guide, your one-stop shop for all the steps and tips you need to follow ahead of your big relocation! Keep reading and find out the best ways to effectively complete your Sunshine State move…


  • Move During the Off-Season

One of the most effective ways to reduce costs during a relocation is to move during the off-season. The most popular time to move is from May to September, the summer months, so moving during other times of year can cut the price of professional movers or moving trucks.

However, if you’re completing a move in Florida, you’re well aware that the summer months are the most troublesome in terms of the climate. While the summertime in most places is typically hot, you can expect extreme heat and humidity in Florida, which is why avoiding this time of year during your move might be for the best.

Save yourself the trouble of dealing with a Florida summer as you move into a new home, and opt for the cooler months instead. Plus, since Florida’s tourism skyrockets during the summer, you might want to avoid this hectic time of year.


  • Plan and Budget

As with any relocation, creating a thorough plan first is the most effective way to tackle all the tasks involved with moving. Making a schedule or a comprehensive to-do list as soon as you know you’re moving is a great step to minimize stress and ensure you stay on task throughout your relocation.

Additionally, be sure to create a budget so you can properly prepare for any costs associated with moving and understand your financial limitations. After all, moving can be an expensive process, so creating a budget can help with keeping your spending in check.


  • Organize Your Home

Before you relocate, organize your home by completing a thorough declutter. By eliminating excess clutter in your home prior to moving, you can effectively decrease the cost of movers by reducing the weight of the items you need to move.

Plus, when you arrive in your new home, you will have less to unpack, and your space will be significantly less cluttered. How do you go about decluttering? Divide your items into categories of donate, sell, trash, and keep.

A great way to get rid of many of your belongings is to host a yard sale or to donate to a local secondhand store. As long as your items are in good condition, you can easily eliminate many of your items this way.


  • Update Your Address

Ahead of your move, be sure to update your address with any necessary parties. This includes the postal service, your bank, your insurance provider, your employer, and many more.

Additionally, if you’re moving from out of state, promptly update your driver’s license, vehicle registration, and voter registration within the required time frame. Visit the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles website for specific information on the necessary documents and processes.


  • Set Up Utilities

An important aspect to handle in advance of your relocation is the activation of your utilities. Doing this in a timely manner is an essential task to ensure a smooth transition to your new home.

Start by creating a list of the utilities you’ll need, such as electricity, gas, water, internet, and television. Contact your current utility providers to notify them of your move, and arrange for your service to be disconnected on your move-out date. Then, reach out to the utility companies at your new address to schedule the setup of your new services. 


  • Pack With Care

One of the biggest parts of prepping for a move is packing your belongings. This can be a long and tiring task, so it’s important to divide the project into smaller chunks to simplify the process and make it feel less overwhelming.

As you pack, be mindful of the amount of protection you use to reinforce your belongings. Use protective materials such as bubble wrap or packing paper, or you can opt to use blankets or towels to wrap fragile items. You should aim to limit the amount of possible movement within your boxes in order to maximize the protection of your belongings in transit.


  • Prepare for the Weather

It’s no secret that Florida is hot and humid. Because of these weather conditions, it’s crucial to properly prepare for the climate to have a safe and successful moving day.

As you move your items into your new home, make sure to take regular breaks and stay hydrated throughout the process. Neglecting these important needs can be dangerous in extreme heat. Additionally, be aware of the Atlantic hurricane season, which takes place from June 1 to November 30. If you’re moving during this time of year, stay updated on the weather forecast in case any tropical storms are headed your way.


  • Hire Dependable Movers

If you’re looking for the most convenient approach to simplify your move, relying on the help of dependable professional movers can make the biggest difference.

Because these moving experts have the necessary knowledge and experience, they can streamline the process and handle the logistical components of your move so you can focus on more personal matters instead.

Many moving companies also offer packing and storage solutions, allowing you to access full-service solutions that make your move as easy as possible. Be sure to thoroughly research moving companies and look through reviews and other information to confirm that they are a legitimate, reliable company. 


Get Ready for Your Successful Florida Relocation!

With these steps in mind, you can make your Florida move infinitely easier and reduce your stress throughout the entire process. If you’re seeking a trustworthy moving company to help you every step of the way, discover what Coral Springs Moving & Storage can do for you!

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